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Cargo Climb Nets

Essential Elements for Adventure Play

Cargo Climb nets are essential elements in waterpark, playground, and adventure course construction, representing the pinnacle of quality and safety standards embodied by Leon De Oro USA’s GOLDPLAY™ line. These nets, crafted from top-tier materials, adhere strictly to international and US safety regulations, ensuring a secure and exhilarating experience for adventurers young and old. With a production process tailored for flexibility and a spectrum of vibrant colors available, these cargo climb nets not only provide personalized fun but also prioritize ease of assembly, maintenance, and repair. Whether integrated into revolving climbing towers, scaling climbing pyramids, or incorporated as standalone features, these nets offer limitless opportunities for exploration and play, all underpinned by a steadfast commitment to durability and innovation.

Picture vibrant parks and play areas filled with laughter and boundless exploration, where safety for your little adventurers is paramount. At Leon De Oro USA, our commitment to quality shines through GOLDPLAY™, a testament to our dedication to safety, environmental responsibility, and continuous improvement.

Explore Our Tailored Solutions for Your Playground Needs

Discover the epitome of playground excellence with Leon De Oro USA’s comprehensive range of solutions. From dynamic climbing structures to innovative swinging experiences, our solutions are designed to elevate your playground to new heights of excitement and adventure. Backed by the quality assurance of GOLDPLAY™, trust us to deliver customized solutions that exceed your expectations. Explore our offerings today and unlock the potential of your playground space with Leon De Oro USA.

GOLDPLAY™: Your Safe Choice

  • Top-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium materials, our cargo nets ensure a lasting and enjoyable experience for users.
  • Strict Compliance: We adhere rigorously to international safety standards, guaranteeing peace of mind for playground operators and parents alike.
  • Flexible Production: Our production process is adaptable to meet your specific needs and requirements.
  • Variety of Colors: Choose from a range of vibrant colors to personalize the fun and aesthetic of your playground space.
  • Ease of Assembly and Maintenance: Our GOLDPLAY™ structures are designed for straightforward assembly, maintenance, and repair, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum enjoyment.

Revolving Climbing Towers

Elevate your playground experience with Leon De Oro USA’s revolving climbing towers. Designed to ignite the spirit of exploration, our towers offer a dynamic twist on traditional climbing structures. Crafted with premium materials and fortified with steel core polyester ropes, these towers ensure durability and safety for every climb. From rotating challenges to sturdy construction, our climbing towers promise endless excitement for young adventurers.

  • Rotating Design: Our revolving climbing towers provide an exciting challenge for young climbers, encouraging agility and exploration.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the elements, our towers feature high-quality materials and robust steel core polyester ropes with integrated steel strands.
  • Safety First: With the highest quality standards applied to all components, including climbing net rings and seat plates, safety is paramount during play.

Climbing Pyramids

Unleash the thrill of ascent with Leon De Oro USA’s climbing pyramids. These towering structures beckon climbers of all ages to conquer new heights and embrace the joy of discovery. Engineered with safety in mind, our pyramids feature a secure design and steel core rope technology for added durability. Whether exploring solo or with friends, our climbing pyramids offer an immersive outdoor experience that fosters confidence and fun.

  • Inviting Design: Our climbing pyramids beckon outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to ascend to new heights and enjoy a thrilling climbing experience.
  • Safety Assurance: With a fall height of only 2 feet and sophisticated steel core rope technology, our pyramids prioritize safety without compromising on fun.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Like all our play equipment, our climbing pyramids are built to last, featuring durable materials and easy maintenance.


Suspend disbelief and soar with Leon De Oro USA’s premium swings. Crafted for comfort and safety, our swings invite users to swing, dream, and explore the world from new perspectives. With plush padding and steel core ropes, these swings provide a secure and enjoyable ride every time. Equipped with stainless steel safety shackles, our swings ensure peace of mind for parents and guardians, allowing children to swing freely and safely.

  • Comfortable Design: Thickly padded and featuring steel core ropes, our swings offer a cozy and secure experience for all users.
  • Superior Safety Measures: Our nest swings are equipped with safety shackles, providing enhanced protection against vandalism and ensuring peace of mind.
  • Customizable Options: Tailored to your specifications and preferences, our swings can be manufactured to suit your unique needs.

Bouncing Elements

Experience the thrill of gravity-defying fun with Leon De Oro USA’s bouncing elements. Engineered for excitement and safety, our bouncing elements are a highlight of any playground adventure. Constructed with a sturdy steel frame and equipped with comprehensive fall protection, these elements offer a secure environment for energetic play. Preassembled and ready for action, our bouncing elements promise hours of laughter and enjoyment for children of all ages.

  • Attraction Guaranteed: Our bouncing elements are a highlight of any playground, offering endless fun while meeting the highest safety standards.
  • Extra Safe Play: Specially designed fall protection and a stable steel frame ensure a secure play environment for children of all ages.
  • Convenient Installation: Completely pre-assembled and installation-ready, our bouncing elements are built for ease of setup and maintenance.

Climbing Nets: Classic Adventure

Embark on a journey of exploration with Leon De Oro USA’s climbing nets. Versatile and engaging, our cargo rope nets are the cornerstone of imaginative play. Whether scaling pure climbing nets, traversing hanging bridges, or navigating net tunnels, children will delight in the endless possibilities these nets provide. Built to withstand the rigors of play and designed with safety as a top priority, our climbing nets inspire creativity and foster a sense of adventure in every child.

  • Versatile Options: Whether as a climbing net, hanging bridge, or net tunnel, our Hercules rope climbing nets offer endless possibilities for play and exploration.
  • Safety and Quality: With a focus on safety, play value, and ease of maintenance, our climbing nets are a timeless addition to any playground.
  • Custom Solutions: Our team is dedicated to assisting you with your custom climbing net needs, ensuring your playground vision becomes a reality.

Leon De Oro USA brings together quality, safety, and innovation to create playgrounds where children can thrive, explore, and create lasting memories. With our commitment to excellence, GOLDPLAY™ products are your trusted choice for adventure play.

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Leon de Oro’s Self-Tensioning Climb Nets: A Game Changer for Playground Installation and Safety

The days of wrestling with come-alongs and battling net creep are over. Here at Leon de Oro USA, we’re excited to unveil our groundbreaking line of self-tensioning cargo-climb nets and ropes.

We all know the struggle – installing a climb net “good and tight” only to have it loosen after weeks of use. This constant re-tensioning not only consumes valuable labor hours but can also compromise safety.

Our innovative self-tensioning design eliminates this issue altogether. The proprietary material self-tensions by 30-40% on their own. Install the nets fairly tight and soak the ropes to automatically tighten the net and maintain optimal tension over time.

This translates to significant labor savings on installation and maintenance, freeing up time and resources for other critical tasks.

More importantly, self-tensioning nets enhance safety by minimizing user-induced slack and reducing the risk of sagging or loose openings.

Rigorously tested and compliant with all relevant US safety standards, Leon de Oro USA’s self-tensioning climb nets represent a paradigm shift in playground design. We’re proud to offer this innovative solution that prioritizes both safety and efficiency for playground professionals.

Custom GOLDPLAY™ Experiences

Elevate your playground design with custom solutions tailored to your vision and space requirements. At Leon De Oro USA, we understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer personalized quotes to bring your playground dreams to life.

With a dedication to quality reflected in GOLDPLAY™’s assurance, trust us to provide innovative and durable solutions that surpass your expectations. Whether you seek to incorporate custom climbing nets, design unique swinging experiences, or develop distinctive bouncing elements, our team is committed to collaborating with you throughout the entire process.

Reach out to us today to discuss your project requirements and receive a custom quote. Let Leon De Oro USA transform your playground into an adventure haven where safety, quality, and imagination converge.

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